Saturday, October 20, 2012

Happy 11 Months!


Dear Violet,

You are eleven months old. I am in denial that in a few short weeks you will have your first birthday. This has been the fastest year of my life...I can't even wrap my head around how quickly it's going.

The first big news is that you are walking! On the day you turned 11 months old, you decided to get up and walk across the room. Well, not ALL the way across...but you did take your first big steps all by yourself. I kept thinking that if you hadn't been induced early, you would have been TEN months when you took your steps! ;-)

Anyway, I am so proud of you. In the past few weeks, you've started walking a lot. It is a gazillion times faster/easier for you to crawl, but a few times/day, you show off your walking skills. You are getting better and better with practice!

Second big news is that you've discovered the piano. I often find you playing little tunes to yourself on it. You will climb right up on the chair, plop yourself down, and start playing away. You could teach your older sister, Paprika, a thing or two about practicing piano! Haha.


You are into everything. And when I say everything, I do mean everything! Your favorite things to do are to empty out the refrigerator and all the cabinets in the house. Nothing is safe from your mayhem. When anyone opens the fridge, you race over to it, and just start pulling everything out as fast as you can. It gives you such joy, I can hardly stop you.

The cabinets are your other favorite thing to unpack. I have taken almost everything out of them...I know I could get those cabinet babyproofing locks for them...but 1) that would require me to buy them and install them (who has the time for that?!) and 2) it is more fun to watch you play.

I've just taken all the stuff you really can't have and put it in the high shelves, so the low shelves are your playground. You can make an orchestra out of pots and pans...and well, you DO! Daily!


You are a climber, just like your big sisters were at your age. I can never take my eye off of you because you like to live your life vertically! You can climb anything, and you do it without fear.

Every day, I put a new piece of furniture in the garage because I just can't keep you from climbing it! Before long we'll be eating dinner on the floor. ;-) I love your fearlessness and your love of exploring. I hope you never lose that.

You are go-go-go all the time, and then once in awhile, you take a nap! You are still napping in my arms, and sleeping beside me. You have eight teeth, with more on the way soon.  You are wearing 12-18 month clothes now, and you weigh about 25 pounds.  You have started to LOVE food (I have never met a baby who was as adventurous with food as you are!) - and you still love nursing. You are a mama's girl, and can pretty much always be found attached to my hip. :-)


You LOVE your sisters and your daddy, and you get so much joy out of spending time with them. You love to laugh and cause trouble...which is endlessly entertaining to your sisters, especially! ;-) You think you are all grown up, but you are still a baby to me!

 Happy 11 Months, my sweet baby Violet.


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Devon said...

LOVE that last pic of her! I can't believe that she is almost one year old - Crazy!

She's beautiful - Just like her big sisters!

Mimi said...

Aw, sweet little Violet!
happy 11 months, the last of the "month" milestones before you start the "year" ones.
She's a little doll! Always smiling!