Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Hello October!


We are now officially in October, which sounds like Fall...but it sure doesn't feel like Fall around here! It's been almost 100 degrees in LA this week!

September was a big month for us. The start of Paprika's Kindergarten year! Two schools - her first school, and then a school change.   My birthday. Violet turned 10 months. Paprika started swim team, and Ginger started swim lessons four days/week. Piano started back up for Paprika (new teacher - yay)!  Volunteering in Paprika's classroom every week.  Violet is getting four new teeth. Mr. M started back on Dancing With The Stars. It's just been a whirlwind, really.

So, here are some photos to remember the whirlwind of September - I never got around to posting these, and now it's October, so it seems like it's now or never! ;-)

Bathtub buddies - It's been great to see these two become good friends and playmates.  Most days these two take a bath together while Paprika practices piano (because it's impossible to keep them away from the piano!):


Ginger and Daddy!  On Wednesdays, we almost always take Ginger and Violet out to lunch while Paprika is at school.  Ginger gets to be the "big girl" and draw pictures at the table, and feel a little extra special.  I love seeing her smile! 


Violet at the pool with her daddy.  She loves to snuggle!


Swim Team pool party!  Ginger and Paprika had a fantastic time swimming, eating pizza, and ice cream, and socializing with Paprika's teammates.  Mr. M spent the whole time swimming with the girls and didn't even care that he was the only parent in the pool! 


I was so glad he was there because Ginger can't quite swim on her own yet, but she LOVES the water.  What a great party!


Baby Violet hung out in the Ergo for the whole party.  It was her naptime, but she didn't seem to mind!


September included lots of days filled with playing in the backyard, and races on the swings!


There's just about nothing Violet likes better than swinging HIGH in the swings!


Of course, there were many, many, MANY trips to the park!  I try to take the girls to the park once/day, but if not every day, then at least 4 or 5 times/week.  Violet loves being in the grass.  She is SO close to walking.  This is her "surfer" stance.  She looks so proud of herself, doesn't she?! 


She is VERY fast in the grass.  She loves to eat anything and everything in sight, including grass, woodchips, and she'll even try to eat pebbles.  So, needless to say, I spend a lot of time chasing after her and keeping her safe!


So, when I get tired of chasing her down, I plop her in a swing.  Like I said, she loves the swings!  Thank goodness!!!


Violet has four new teeth popping out at the bottom.  She is going to have ten teeth at 10 months old!  I'm glad she has the teeth because this girl loves to eat - she is so adventurous with food.  I keep saying that if I'd had Violet first, I'd be so smug about her diet.  ;-)  Paprika never ate ANYTHING of course, and never put anything in her mouth...and still to this day getting a variety of foods into Paprika is a (big) challenge.  Yet, I haven't done anything different with Violet food-wise than I did with the other girls.  Violet will eat anything you put in front of her - and has been known to eat dog treats when my back is turned!  So, anyway...her chompers really come in handy.  Ha!


We spent a lot of September at the pool - swim team practice 4 days/week for Paprika, swim lessons 4 days/week for Ginger, and 4 days/week of Violet causing trouble while waiting for her big sisters!  ;-)


Ginger loves her swim lessons, loves her teacher, and has a lot of fun in the water.  She is still scared to go underwater all the way, so we are working on that.  She is learning a lot, though, and is starting to swim.  Yay!


Our piano is getting lots of use now - Mr. M has been playing with the girls, and Paprika practices every night.  Paprika is progressing really well at piano- I wouldn't say she loves practicing, but she is good at it so far.  Either Mr. M or I have to sit with Paprika when she practices, so with everything else going on (school, swimming, homework, etc.) - it is kind of a puzzle to fit it in!

Violet loves sitting on her daddy's lap listening to him play:


And sometimes she even plays, too!


Just playing a little duet:


And, finally, September is the month in which Violet learned how to climb.  Like all our kids, they LOVE to climb anything and everything, the higher the better!  I turn around and BOOM, she's scaled something. 


I'm sure it will be no time before she's climbing to the top of the refrigerator like Ginger did, or to the top cabinets like Paprika did.  For now, it's little things - like the costume box, or the table top.  Wasn't she just a teeny baby two seconds ago?  Where does the time go?!!!


The End.

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Mimi said...

Really enjoyed all the news and lovely photos in this post! I can't believe how grown Violet is, it DOES seem she was a baby seconds ago. All 3 girls are beautiful! Love hearing of all their activities, especially music!