Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Things They Say!

Because I will forget, I am WILLING myself to write down more of the funny things the girls say, and to photograph the flowers they pick for me (daily), their drawings, and their sweet cards. 

The other night, Paprika got so mad at me.  She rarely gets mad at me, and so sometimes I bite my lip keep from laughing when she gets upset with me.  On this night, I wanted her to try a piece of fruit (a grape), and she just wouldn't budge.  And I wouldn't budge.  So, there was an impasse...and for half an hour there, she was piping MAD at me!

She stormed off to her room and when she came out, she had a letter for me:


Ginger (age 3) is always saying hilarious and sweet things.  She is now officially in her "threes" and OH MY WORD, I am loving it.  She has been such a delight lately...

Yesterday, we had this little conversation:
Ginger:  Mom, will you build me a space ship?
Me:  (absentmindedly) Yes
Ginger:  Yay!!!!!!!!!!  Now I can go into outerspace and circle the planets.  And meet a little green guy with no arms or legs.  Just a gooey gooey body and big eyes.  And we can be friends!


Ginger (all the time):  Can I go WISH you?  Wherever you go, that's where I want to be!  I want to be WISH you, Mama.   


Paprika:  Mom, I thought of another homonym.  Bow and Bow!  And plain, plain, and plane!  And Bear and bear!  And...

Ginger:  I thought of a homonym!  (Pause)  Pizza!


Ginger (daily):  I love you with all my heart forever and ever.  I will never stop loving you.  You are my mama and I am your sweetieheart.

Does it get any better than that?! That makes up for the year she refused to wear clothes, had tantrums in public, and bit Paprika everytime she didn't want to share a toy.  ;-)


Before long, I'll have a list of funny things Violet is saying! Already she is talking up a storm in her sweet little baby voice. She says about 10 words I understand. She's got down: Mommy, dada, bird, ball, yes, all done, more, and...BANANA BREAD! All the important things in life, right?!

Here are two quick cellphone pictures I took of her today as she fell asleep JUST before we had to leave to pick up Paprika at school. I spent about two hours trying to get her to take a nap, and then just when I gave up...Boom! She fell asleep! Ah, well, it was a sweet six minute nap and we both enjoyed every moment of it! Ha!

violet-sleeping 3  
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Kim said...

So cute! I have been making notes in my phone of the funny things Brennan says. One of my favorites during school was when he told me I am the capital letter and he is the lower case letter:) Thanks for sharing!

siri said...

another teary-eyed post...thanks a lot :)