Monday, March 26, 2012

Wearing A Basket On My Head!


(Paprika reading books to Baby Violet)

This weekend was a toughie. Ginger was soooooo sick and miserable all weekend. She had a high fever and refused to take medicine. I ended up forcing her to take medicine because her fever was getting too high. I sweetened the deal by giving her a lollipop afterwards as a reward...which made her quicky forget all about the medicine. ;-)

Mr. Mustard is back working on Dancing With The Stars, so he was working all weekend. It poured rain the whole weekend, so we were stuck inside. Ginger was sick, so we couldn't even go to a museum or visit was very cozy in our little beach shack with three kids and a big doggie. You can only play Legos so much before you start to lose your mind.

So, both days when we all got to the point of cabin fever, I loaded the girls into the van and we drove around in the rain and listened to music. The big girls like Raffi, and baby Violet (and I) like Adele. So we rotated depending on Baby Violet's mood. Ha! ;-)

I let the girls wear their pajamas and we stopped at McDonald's drive-thru. Whenever we go to McDonald's, we always get the same order. Paprika gets a plain cheeseburger, Ginger gets a small fry and splits it with Paprika, and they both get ice water and one cookie. Well, Ginger would not share her french fries. She is always soooo good about sharing her fries, but she just would not do it this weekend. She was so sick, she wouldn't eat the fries either. She was so pathetic, clutching her little bag of fries for dear life. Paprika was so upset that Ginger wouldn't share her fries, I ended up going back through the drive-thru and getting Paprika her own fries...which she didn't end up eating either! Kids!

Anyway, I took the girls to the park to eat our pseudo-Happy Meals and we sat inside the van watching the rain pouring down around us, making little rivers and lakes. I sat in the back of the van with the girls and we had a mini-picnic in the rain. They thought that was the best thing ever. It was raining so hard that no one else was out, so it was like we had the whole world to ourselves.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I have gotten almost no sleep because Ginger has been up all night every night. Paprika was a little sick about a week ago, and I took this picture of her. Paprika gets sick so rarely (knock on wood!) that I always take a picture of her when she's sick (because it's never that bad and usually just an excuse for her to lay on the couch and watch movies). Exhibit A:


Ginger is so miserable when she's sick (and of all of us, she gets sick the most). We've been mostly staying home, but I have had to do a few essential things, so this is how it gets done:


I am very thankful that I'm strong enough now to carry both girls. I've been doing this at Paprika's school drop off and pick up. One mom saw me and said, "Well, now you just need a basket on your head." Oh yes, that made me feel so fashion-forward. But, hey, whatever works! ;-)

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FourJedis said...

You are super-mom! You know they give out apples with happy meals now! At least they do here. I love the picnic in the car in the rain idea. You always have the coolest ideas of things to do with your kiddos. So creative. Hope you guys are fully recovered.