Saturday, March 24, 2012



We've been sick this past week...all of us except Mr. M and the dog (thank goodness!) Ginger has it the worst. Paprika is the carrier...I think she picked it up at a party, and brought it home and shared it with us. Fun! ;-)

So, now that we're knee deep in tissues, I like to remember back to happier times. I never got around to posting these photos from when my Aunt Laura was visiting last month and we went up to Santa Barbara and stayed with Grandma Pat.

I have always (for the past 12 years) wanted to see the butterflies when they come to Elwood Shores. I have never timed it quite right- I've always visited when it's too cold or too late (or early) in the season.

Well, this time we planned it perfectly! Do you see all the orange spots on those trees? Each little dot is a monarch butterfly. There were thousands. Isn't that amazing?


The girls were fascinated, of course. The butterflies would fall to the ground to mate...making new little butterflies. So, the girls got a little life science lesson on this field trip. ;-)


There were hundreds of butterflies all around us, and you had to be careful where you stepped. Some were a little preoccupied! Ha!


Isn't Santa Barbara beautiful?! While I have been taking care of sick kids (and being sick myself) this past week, I've transported my mind to this special spot. Bliss! :-)


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