Thursday, March 29, 2012

Singing Dolphin!


Baby Violet is now 4 1/2 months old. She is very vocal, and sounds just like a dolphin when she talks to us. Lots of clicking and high pitched sounds, just like a dolphin. :-) She is very alert and active, and always wants to be interacting and doing something.

As long as you're paying attention to her, she's all smiles. But, walk away for a second, and she's not having it!


She loves her sisters so much, and really wants to do just whatever they are doing. She gets so frustrated that she can't crawl or sit up by herself even. She is always pushing herself to do more, and wants so badly to crawl and sit up on her own. She gets so mad when she can't!


I have never met a baby (or grown-up for that matter!) who loves music as much as Baby Violet does. She can be so mad and then she'll hear a song and just burst into laughter. She loves music, especially vocalists. Right now her favorite thing to listen to in the car is my Adele cd (21), she just melts when Someone Like You is playing. At home, she can always be calmed down with music, especially her mama's not so great singing voice. ;-)

We do a lot of singing in this house...when the kids are driving me bonkers (and even when they're not), I sing everything to them. They love it and it makes everything go so much more smoothly. So, I am glad Baby Violet digs singing! What can I say, she fits right in here!


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noswimmers said... adorable is she?? I LOVE it! I can see a little Ginger in there somewhere. :) Your girls are all so beautiful.
Speaking of she standing on one leg in the background of one the pics? LOL, don't know why that caught my attention, ha!

That's Interesting said...

That first picture is just GREAT! What a happy baby.

becca said...

Carrie Underwood and Taylor Swift worked SO well for our youngest :) She is A-DORABLE!

Kim said...

She is so cute!! She is the perfect mix between Paprika and Ginger:)

Allison said...

What an absolute doll!!!