Monday, March 26, 2012

Jump, Jump!


It's no secret that we love to jump in this house. Between our mini indoor trampoline and our bounce house, these girls do a lot of jumping around. Paprika, in particular, is crazzzzzy about jumping. She could do it all day long...and she has! She's my litte Tigger.


Well, last week we got the most unexpected and nice gift from our nextdoor neighbors. One thing I love about our house is our amazing neighbors - they are just some of the best people ever. Seriously.

Anyway, they were re-landscaping their backyard and gave us their almost new huge trampoline...complete with a net and padding. Needless to say, it has been a huge hit!

Rule number one is that there always has to be an adult supervising when anyone is on it. And, since I'm the adult here 99% of the time, it means I am always out there when the girls are jumping. (I was really nervous about getting the trampoline, so I had to lay down some pretty firm ground rules to calm my nerves!)

But, since we've had it, I have even jumped on the trampoline for stretches here and there...and I have to say, the fun is a bit contagious. ;-) Nothing makes you feel more like a kid again than jumping on a trampoline. Ha!


Baby Violet is too little to jump, of course. She has fun laying in the grass and taking it all in...I bet she's wondering when she'll get to take part in the fun!


So, that's what's new and fun around here! It poured rain all weekend, so we didn't get to play on it...but it looks like the sun is coming out today, so we may be back in business!


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noswimmers said...

Oh, I love it!! We had a trampoline growing up, and its probably one of the top 5 things that come to mind when I think about my childhood. We jumped all day, took naps on that thing, had slumber parties...the possibilities are endless! Of course this was before the springs were covered with a bumper or the netting, so my little brother broke his arm and we all got pinched in the ass by those springs more than once. ;-)
Have fun!!!

FourJedis said...

I am so glad you guys went ahead and accepted their offering. Trampolines are so much fun. So much... :) I love seeing the pictures of the girls on there! Soon enough, Violet!

That's Interesting said...

That looks like so much fun! What great neighbors.