Monday, March 12, 2012

Everything Changes!


Mr. M finished working up in Santa Barbara this weekend. He's been gone since the beginning of January, so it's a big deal having him home.

I am pretty proud of myself for holding down the fort these past two and a half months. With the help of some visitors sprinkled in (Grandma Pat, Aunt Laura, and my Mom), it was mostly manageable. ;-)


The hardest part was the beginning, for sure. But now we have our routine, and I have figured out how to handle three kids (and a puppy) on my own, and while it's not perfect, it's life.


The biggest thing I had to change while Mr. M was gone was the night-night routine. Before, with two people at home, one of us would put Ginger and Paprika to bed in their room while the other took care of baby Violet.

With Daddy being gone, that brought up a whole new set of issues (like how much they missed him), so things changed. Gradually, the routine became that I would put Paprika to bed in her room, read her a few books, sing to her, and and let her read books and draw in bed until she got sleepy. Then she would turn out the lights on her own when she got tired.

We would write little notes to eachother on the DoodlePro...she would write one to me right before she fell asleep.


And then I would write one to her after she fell asleep that she could look at in the morning...


Meanwhile, Ginger would crawl in bed with me and fall asleep there with me and baby Violet. It wasn't perfect, of course (we ended up with a few very late nights)...but it was working.

Now, that era is in the past because Mr. M is home and we can go back to our old routine. The problem is that none of the kids really want to go back to that old routine. Haha! So, it's a work in progress. Nothing is certain but change. We'll figure it out...of course by then it will all change again! ;-) I have to say, I will miss nights like this one. Moments like these, I wish these babies would stay little forever:


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Mimi said...

Everything does indeed change!
especially when you've kids around!

Erika, that last photo literally took my breath away, it's so beautiful! And a precious moment.

You did really well to hold the fort for so long on your own, you deserve a day off, coffee and a big cake!
Isn't Paprika great at writing, such an exctiing new phase to write notes to each other!

FourJedis said...

I can't tell you how much I love your pictures. So sweet. I hope you don't have to change routines so quickly. It's really hard adjusting back after it took so much to adjust to a new way of life. My heart goes out to you.

Elizabeth said...

So unbelievably sweet. I love your family!!! <3