Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Traditions!


One of my favorite festive things we did this Christmas was drive around together as a family and look at sparkly lights. I know it sounds like a little thing, but the beautiful lights always make me smile and feel all warm inside.

We toured the lights three nights over Christmas. The first time was probably the biggest hit. We just drove around our neighborhood, and although none of the lights were over-the-top spectacular, it was still so magical to Paprika and Ginger since it was their first time this season.


The second time we went to look at lights, we toured a neighborhood in Torrance that is famed for its Christmas displays. It's streets and streets of amazing light displays. We even heard that when you buy a house in this neighborhood, you have to agree to put up lights at Christmas! Needless to say, it was amazing.


We drove through the neighborhoods, but the girls wanted to get out and Mr. M took them while I waited in the van with the baby (who had fallen asleep during the drive!) People were selling hot chocolate and popcorn on their front lawns, and so the big girls got a little treat while they toured the lights on foot.

We even went back one more time to look at the lights. We did that a few nights before Christmas, and by then the traffic was crazy in the neighborhood!!! So, that trip was a short one - haha - and made me realize that we did the right thing looking at lights before the rush. Only in Los Angeles can there be a traffic jam looking at Christmas lights! ;-)

Anywho, this adventure was one of my favorites we did this year, and a tradition I want to keep going as the girls get older. There is something so magical about putting on Christmas music, getting bundled up, and looking at the lights together. I kind of wish that these light shows were year-round, but then I guess they might not seem quite so special. :-)



Tracy said...

Looking at lights is one of my favorite traditions!

Sheila said...

So pretty! Thanks for sharing the twinkly lights. Lilac seems to be loving them too.

Sheila said...

So Lilac is Violet,and lavender is lovely too. Pansies are so soft and velvety, how could you possibly choose?