Monday, December 12, 2011

Life's Little Adventures!


We have been so busy lately!

Thankfully, a lot of Paprika's activities are winding down for the year. She finished her swimming lessons last week. She had been going 4-5 times/week since it's been a big change for us. Her ceramics class ended last Tuesday. So, now besides school, she is extra-curricular activity free. Whew! I know she will miss her activities, but I am thankful for the break.

We have been busy doing lots of outings. We've been to the Aquarium. To the park. Flying kites on the beach. A trip to Candycane Lane to gaze at Christmas lights. Mr. M has been taking the girls on some trips solo while I stay home with the baby. Some activities we have all been doing together.

I've been leaving the camera home a little more, and then even when I do take pictures, I've been less quick to transfer them over to the computer. It seems like there are just fewer hours in the day now (I wonder why!) - life with three little ones is an adjustment, and I know we'll get our bearings, but right now it is all just a little overwhelming. Good, but overwhelming! ;-)


Last week Mr. M took the big girls to the Aquarium. I stayed home with the baby, and I know it was the right decision. It is still hard for me to walk. I knew the baby needed to nap, and she naps best when she's being held by me. So, I stayed home and held her for her nap...which means that I can't do much else besides stare at her while she's sleeping. :-) I know these days are short and soon enough she'll be crawling around after her sisters, so I am enjoying these fleeting moments while they are here.


The girls had a blast at the Aquarium, as I knew they would. I know I set my expectations high (sometimes impossibly so) and feel guilty if I am not providing every possible wonderful experience for them. Having a new baby has meant that I have had to let go of some of my expectations I set for myself, even if just temporarily, and just let things be. If Paprika goes to school in mismatched clothes, so be it. If Ginger goes without a nap for two weeks straight, then it's not the end of the world. I know I don't have to be everything for my kids...even though for some reason, I expect that of myself all too often.


I have a ton of pictures of all our adventures and I know I'll get around to posting them sooner or later. But for now, I will leave you with these from the Aquarium. I have three little girls (and a puppy!) who need my attention at the moment and so other things have to wait!

Oh yes, and I still have all my Christmas shopping to do, too! Thank goodness for shopping online. Now if I can just manage to do it one-handed while holding a nursing baby...that will be a trick! ;-)






Sheila said...

I love the sage advice you give yourself and it's so cool that you are taking it. It's a win/win. Mr.Mustard is getting to enjoy his girls and you are able to give baby girl some undivided attention. Bonus: he takes great photos to share their fun. Relax... you're a terrific Mama and this time is too sweet to second guess yourself. Relish the gift for all of you.

Chanalesings said...

Just came across ur blog thru kelles. Very sweet! I also have two little girls. I actually put them in a music video u can show ur daughters. Im sure theyd love it. Theres a youtube link on my blog. All the best.