Friday, December 9, 2011

One Month Young!


Today little Pavenzia turns 1 month old! I took her to the pediatrician this morning to get her checked out. She did great!

She is 10 lb.s 5 oz. (82nd percentile) and 21.3 inches tall (60%) with a 38.6cm head (84%). She is getting so big! Her clothes that were swimming on her weeks ago are now too small. Good thing I bought her a big wardrobe of 0-3 month clothes. Doh!

Life with this little girl is pretty awesome. She is starting to be awake a lot more and wants to interact with us. She is generally a very happy little baby, and she is so curious about the world around her. I can't believe she's been here for a month already. Time is flying.


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Sheila said...

Love that she's been smothered in kisses every day of her life.