Monday, December 19, 2011

Send It Soaring!


Is there anything more fun than flying a kite? I bought kites for the three girls: a Barbie kite for Paprika, a Yo Gabba Gabba kite for Ginger, and a Toy Story 3 kite for the baby because...well, it was on clearance, and I knew she wouldn't know the difference. ;-)


Ginger is crazy about Yo Gabba Gabba (she got to watch it a bunch while I was pregnant) and Paprika is a huge fan of all things needless to say, the kites were a hit!


We waited for a windy day down at the beach, and we were not disappointed. I can't believe Ginger is old enough to fly her own kite!


Paprika thought her Barbie kite was the best thing ever...


The girls wanted to fly their kites until sunset...and they did!


Paprika chased her kite far down the beach. Thankfully, her kite gave her away and she wasn't able to get too far! Ha!


I can't believe Christmas is on Saturday! Eeek! Are you all done shopping? These kites were supposed to be a Christmas gift, but I just couldn't wait. I am glad we got them out when we time like the present to enjoy a little kite flying. :-)


Amee said...

So so fun!!

Sheila said...

Kites!!!How great that you had the breeze to keep them up in the air. The girls are really enjoying them. Eve and the boys are here and we've been giving them a present or two each day. It's been great. They really have time to enjoy each toy by itself without all the hubub of Christmas morning. Jackson is getting pretty good at Hi Ho Cheerio and is tickled with every new Thomas and friends train he adds to his collection. Lincoln is a happy, smiling, sweet baby boy who nibbles on anything he gets his hands on. He likes to growl and raises his arms for me to pick him up whenever he see me. I'm a pick melted puddle of Granny goo in his arms. My heart and home are full of love. Hugs to you Erika and the beautiful family you are creating. I love sharing all the special moments of your darling daughters.

Fiona said...

Your kite pics are amazing! Just glorious.
And I think giving them the kites now was a perfect choice. Sometimes waiting until Christmas (when they get a lot of stuff anyway) prevents them from enjoying the super simple things (like kites).
Good call :-)

Amy in NC said...

Christmas is Sunday so you have an extra day! You've got suck cute girls!

Piippis said...

Hi, wanted to let you know I found your blog yesterday and I've been reading it from here and there. I found your blog "accidently".

I'm so sorry for the losses you and your family have had.

I have a god son in heaven. He passed away shortly before be was born, on week 29. I was them prengant too, on 31 weeks. I now have a son, 1,5 years old, Noa. And my god son has 8months old little brother, I'm his godmother too <3 My two special boys.

The only comfort in this situation, that I can find, is that if my 1st godson had been born alive, then there wouldn't be my second god son..

The first one will always have a special place in my heart, and i too think he is a butterfly. I still miss him, even though I never "met" him. So I really understand you miss your two+one girls. How could you ever forget..

You have a beautiful family! And I hope I don't sound weird, but I really love your smile! When I try to smile in photos, I just end up looking creepy and like that Zed from "Police Academy" :D

And I love the photos you take, so full of life and colour, even when they are blank&white!

Have a great Christmas!
Greetings from Finland, the land of the Santa Claus :)