Thursday, December 29, 2011

Here, There, and Everywhere!


We have literally been here, there, and everywhere this Winter Break. Last week we went to a museum or park or something every single day...and of course then with Christmas, we have been so busy I haven't had time to take a breath. So, get ready for picture overload! ;-)

Last week we took the girls to the "Big Aquarium" (Aquarium of the Pacific). The girls love going there, and the baby loved it, too. She was so good. I had her in the Bjorn with a nursing cover over her most of the time (to keep the germies away), but we took off the nursing cover for a moment to take a picture.


We also took the girls to the marina in Long Beach. So much fun to look at the boats. They were broadcasting classical Christmas music and the girls had so much fun running around. We had the whole place to ourselves.


I had to take a picture of daddy with his daughters - the baby was sleeping in the Bjorn while I was taking the picture, so it was just the big girls.


Ginger really is not a fan of group or posed photos...can you tell? ;-)


Even though it's a bit of a trick to all pile in the van and get out and about, it has been so worth it. I have found that all our moods are lifted when we make that effort to get out in the sunshine on a daily basis.


My girls are obsessed with dandelions...and love to blow the seeds here and there.


I wonder how many "flowers" will grow because of them?


That's the Queen Mary in the background. The girls call it the Queen Boat.


Whenever I see these at the harbor here (and also in the Bay Area), I am reminded of the At Ats from Star Wars (a movie I saw once, 15 years ago!) I think the ones in the Bay Area were the inspiration for the figures in the movies...can you see it?


I wonder how much of our outings the girls will remember when they grow up? I guess, even if no one else remembers, I will remember these days and treasure them. And that is important, too.


More pictures with daddy (one at a time):


And Ginger in a slightly better mood!


Looking out at the boats...Ginger kept saying that we needed to get in a boat and sail to the other side of the harbor. I half expected her to jump right in!


And nothing like letting the girls run with wild abandon and get their energy out. I have been so grateful to have Mr. M home from work this Winter Break - besides it being great spending the time together, I so appreciate the help corraling the girls! ;-)



RB said...

Ginger's expressions remind me SO much of JL! I think they would be the BEST of FRIENDS! I am glad you are enjoying your break. We do better when we get out everyday as well. It can be hard to remind yourself to get out. I admire you doing it with all three, especially the wee one.

Mimi said...

Awwww! Such cute pictures!
It must be lovely to be able to get sunshine each day. Here it's dark already, rainy and wintry. And cold!

Re your girls remembering, I think they will remember a surprising amount, ours remember regular trips to the zoo and the park.
And one (18y/o) still likes to recreate those zoo trips with her Dad!
Hope they were delighted with Santa goodies!