Friday, May 20, 2011

Squeezing In Moments!


I often worry that Ginger is getting lost in the mix. Between Paprika's Pre-K activities, piano lessons, playdates, and therapy schedule...there is not a whole lot focused on just Ginger.

So, those special times we do have just the two of us hold a certain magic. We've been taking advantage of our one on one time while Paprika is at school to do the things Ginger wants to do.


One of her favorite things to do is go to the beach. It is a good thing we live right down the street from the Pacific Ocean! We have been getting in lots of quick trips down to the beach while Paprika is at school.

When we were looking at houses, the one thing I would not compromise on was a big yard. I love having outdoor space, which in these parts is so hard to come by! But now that we live so close to the beach, I think living next to the ocean is at the top of my list!

I have lived in Los Angeles for 11 years and I spent the first 10 years wanting to move back to the Midwest. Now that we have found this little enclave, I feel like I'm home. It is a great feeling, and I am so glad the girls get to grow up here.


While Paprika loves to run into the ocean, Ginger prefers walking on the boardwalk and checking out all the cool things on the path. She is always making friends with the doggies on their daily walks and will chase the dogs down if they start to run the other direction!

She is not a big fan of her stroller - but she will ride in it if you call it her "choo-choo" and run really really fast, popping wheelies left and right! Wheeeeee!


One of her other favorite things to do is go feed the ducks. Well, except usually there is a flock of seagulls also trying to get fed. So, it's more like feeding the ducks and the seagulls...and occasionally the turtles, too!


When we're not at the beach or off feeding the wildlife (haha!), we're at the park. Usually, Ginger does something that makes me gasp for climbing to the tippity-toppity of the highest curvy slide and sliding down it without fear.


I cherish our one on one times so much, and I know Ginger does, too! I think as a parent you have to make a conscious choice to make sure each child gets individual attention. I am not perfect at this, but hopefully I am doing enough. Sometimes all you can do is squeeze in those special moments when they present themselves and make the most of the time you've got! :-)


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becca said...

I love your blog - love the pictures - love it all! As someone who is alot like Ginger and is the middle child, thank you for taking that special time, she will remember it and cherish those times with you as well. My oldest is very much like Paprika and my youngest, almost like Ginger but a little more cautious :) CJ (oldest) always ends up getting more attention from others because he's got such a high energy personality so we always try to make sure Derek gets that special attention in other ways :) You are a great Mommy and doing a terrific job!