Saturday, May 28, 2011

16 Weeks!


16 Week Update

How am I feeling? In a word, exhausted. I think more than any other pregnancy, this one has just wiped my energy out. Every day, I feel like I've chugged a bottle of Ambien, and I fight to keep my eyes open during the day. I am resting a normal amount - just something about this pregnancy is taking all the energy from my body! It might have something to do with chasing around an almost 2 year old and a four year old. Ya think?

Doctor’s Appointment?

I had a check-up with Dr. K on Thursday. He did a detailed ultrasound, and everything looks really good. The Subchorionic Hemmorage is gone completely, which is so wonderful! The baby is measuring about a week ahead according to the ultrasound. So, she will most likely be another big girl! That's right- she is still a she! Dr. K and the tech both noticed that right away!

The appointment went great - everyone in the office is so nice to me. We were chatting and visiting, and what do you know, everyone forgot that I was supposed to get my blood drawn for the AFP test. I remembered just as I was pulling into my driveway, and right about that time, I got a call from the doc's office.

So, Friday morning, I had to go back to the office for the blood draw. Because of Memorial Day weekend traffic, it took me an hour and a half to get to the office, and over an hour to get home. All for a five minute blood draw. But it had to be done!

Here is an ultrasound picture from Thursday's visit. Isn't she cute?


Weight Gain?

I have gained 11 pounds, which is pretty good for me, actually. I am still fighting quite a bit of nausea, and the only thing that helps me is Taco Bell bean burritos and 7 layer burritos. I have been drinking a lot of Iced Tea, too- the caffeine is keeping me somewhat awake during the day. ;-) My cravings are mostly for protein, especially beans and cheese!

What Else?

We had planned on going on a big trip to Maine and Indiana for a few weeks, since Mr. Mustard is off work right now. I talked to Dr. K about it, and he said that he would rather me stay home.

I went back and forth agonizing...should we stay or should we go (because I really wanted to go) - but truthfully, I just don't think I have the energy to go anywhere right now. Sad, but true! Travelling with a 2 year old and a 4 year old isn't easy even when you're not pregnant, but when you's just a whole different ballgame!

I still have a lot of anxiety around pregnancy - definitely not as much as I had with Ginger's pregnancy, but I still worry a lot. And if anything were to happen while we were travelling, I would always wonder what if. What if I'd stayed home and hadn't subjected myself and my body to the extra stress? Even if something bad happend unrelated to travelling, I would just always wonder and blame myself. I know me...because even though I know it wasn't my fault with Vivian and Annemarie, I still have a lot of what ifs and moments that I blame myself from their pregnancy (I am working on letting that go!)

Anyhoo- so I just decided to stay home and be a lazy bum rather than be a jet-setter for the time being. ;-) I know it will be a disappointment to our families - but ultimately, I've gotta do what's best for Pavenzia and hopefully people will understand.

Baby Preparations?

None yet. I have started thinking about Ginger and Paprika sharing a room (our house is 3 bedrooms). That's a long way off, though, because Pavenzia will probably sleep in our room for the first year or so. Plus, Ginger and Paprika both sleep so well in their own rooms, I really don't want to mess that up!


Jill said...

Cute baby bump! Glad appt went well! Your daughters names are too cute!

Sheila said...

Such wonderful news! Even though you are tired, I have to say the bloom is on the rose and you are quite beautiful this pregnancy. I suspect your darling daughter will be as well.
Visits are so much fun, but is there anywhere more wonderful to be than in the arms of the ones you love? I'd just drop a line to the relatives and remind them how terrific California is this time of year and how much you miss them. Hints work great ;)
Hugs to you Happy Mommy.

Lauren said...

You look great! Happy 16 weeks. My bestie, Allison, is 16 weeks along too!

FourJedis said...

You and baby both look beautiful. Glad she did really well in the ultrasound. :)