Friday, May 13, 2011

Library Days!


One of our new favorite hangouts is the library! We used to go to the library all the time when Paprika was a baby...but that kind of stopped when she turned into a very active toddler (who just wanted to tear the books off the shelves!)

Now, she is at the perfect age to go back, and she's been begging to we've been going! They have a bunch of great computer games that she loves. This one is a graphic design/drawing game...she could do it for hours!


When Mr. Mustard is home, sometimes Paprika and I get to sneak off for little "library dates" together while he stays home with Ginger during her naptime. I have to admit, it's about a gazillion times easier to just take Paprika to the library because now Ginger is at that stage where all she wants to do is climb the bookshelves.

I've taken Ginger a few times to the library, too...but she is much more inclined to look at books when we are at home. I guess the library is just too much fun to sit there and read! Ha!


Of course, everytime we go to the library, Paprika has to check out a gazillion books. She now has her very own library card - how grown up is that?! So, now we have stacks of new books to read at home! It's great! I just have to keep Ginger from destroying all these library books, which is already proving to be quite the challenge!



Sheila said...

Cool Beans ;) Love the computer art station. Can she print out her artwork when she's done?

I'm toying with the idea of a Kindle now that I know it has a library link. But can I enjoy reading from a Kindle in the tub? What about the feel and smell of a book? It's a one dimensional experience with a Kindle.
Can you let your mind wander and daydream reading a Kindle? Or fall asleep with your face planted in it's pages? I fully embrace digital photos, but a digital book. Poor Dewey Decimal,I guess they'll have a card catalog if it's a library, digital or not. Is nothing sacred any more? I even turn right when I enter Barnes & Noble to avoid the "Nook" counter. What do you think, have you gone over to the tech side? I have friends and a daughter in law that loves her Kindle and she's a "book" person too.

I'm still getting girl vibes with strawberry blonde hair? Maybe it's because you've been barfy. How's that going? You're looking good. I hope you are feeling wonderful.

Lost in Space said...

Beautiful pictures of beautiful girls. I have so many good memories of library time with my mom...Such a gift.

mum2abby said...

Wonderful pictures! I've been planning a library trip but haven't yet to make it there because of the kids schedules. I'm going to have to try harder!! :)