Thursday, May 26, 2011

Oh What A Night!


This past week has been so full, I haven't had time to blink, let alone blog!

Tuesday, of course, was the Season Finale of DWTS. I hadn't been to a show all season (it's a bit tricky for me to find a nanny and make it to the show)...but I really didn't want to miss the Finale or the Cast & Crew After Party.

As I said, the childcare issue is always a bit of a struggle - we don't have a nanny, and we also don't have any family nearby to drop in and help. My friend's nanny said she could come over after work- but that put her here at 5:30, and I had to be at the studio by 3:45. What to do?


I asked one of our neighborhood girls (a highschooler) to come over, and she said she could be here by 3:15. I thought that would give me just enough time to race to the studio, but on the day of the show, I realized I needed more time.

I went to my neighbor's house to see if she could come from 2:30 to 3:15 - and she said okay, but said she thought she had shingles (doctor's appointment in an hour to confirm). Oh boy. An hour later, she calls me up to tell me it is shingles.

Next thing you know, the highschool babysitter's mom knocks on our door and says her daughter has SAT Prep that day and won't be able to babysit. (Her SAT instructor is one of the writers of the Princeton Review and you just don't stand him up!)

Anyway, in that moment, all hope was lost and I thought no way I'd be able to go to the show. But then, out of nowhere, the mom offered to babysit in place of her daughter, and said she could come earlier to give me more time. Hallelujah!

So, I ran around like crazy picking up our house, getting ready, and printing out babysitting directions in English (for our neighbor) and in Spanish (for our friend's nanny). If that sounds like a lot of work, well, that's because it was...and probably one of the reasons I don't get out as much as I should.


I got to the Lot early and got to visit Mr. Mustard in "the Bay" (he edits the show). I hung out with all the people who work with him on the show, and because it was the last day, things were very festive...champagne corks popping all around.

Once all of Mr. Mustard's packages were delivered, we walked 10 feet over to the stage. It was Mr. Mustard's first time going to the show in 6 seasons...usually he is it was really special and I am glad he took the time to sit with me in the audience.


We had fabulous seats. We were in the fourth row, three rows back from Kelly Preston, and right behind the new Bachelorette (so I am told - I would not recognize her in a lineup!) Before the show, I chatted with Kathy Najimy...who I recognized from my marathon watching of Desperate Housewives this past month (I am watching the whole series from start to finish).

We were seated just about 10 feet from Sarah Palin, and 5 feet from Ralph Macchio, and about two dozen celebrities scattered in between. It was one of the dancer's birthday (Mark Ballas), and the whole audience spontaneously started singing Happy Birthday to him a few seconds before the show started.


The show was great. It's exciting on television, and even better in person. The last time I went, I was in the front row over by the "fishbowl" - where they take the celebs backstage to chat with Brooke. This time, we were across from the judges and had a great view of the stage. It was a different perspective, and I loved where we were sitting because we were right in the middle of the action.



After the show wrapped, we headed over to the after party. I had cleared staying out late with the I knew the night was just getting started. The wrap party is always a lot of fun. I think most people would say the open bar and the dancing are the best parts. But, as I am pretty much always pregnant at this event, the food is my favorite part! ;-)





We danced a little, I watched everyone else drink up (while I had lemonade)...and then when my feet were just about to give out, I found a little perch right between the bar and the dance floor, where just about every celebrity was congregating. Mr. Mustard and I hung out, talked to people, and most importantly, my feet got to rest. ;-)




We cruised home around 1am, and the girls were still awake (of course!) After we let the nanny go home, we realized that we left one of our cars at the Lot and we wouldn't have time to go pick it up the next day. So, at 1am, we loaded Paprika and Ginger into the car and drove back to Hollywood to pick up our car. We figured they would fall asleep in the car. No suck luck.

So by the time we got home at 2am, they were still awake. Whose kids are these again? Oh yes, that's right. Ours. I would say they really do take after their night owl parents.


So, that was our night on Tuesday. It made me a little nostalgic for the old days when we partied like that a lot. But coming home to these girls of course is the sweetest gift in the whole world. And the truth is, as exciting as the DWTS Finale was, I have the most fun hanging out with my girls and making our magic at home. But I have to admit, it was fun to get dressed up and put on my dancing shoes for a night! ;-)


RB said...

it sounds like so much fun. and by the way you look GORGEOUS!!!!! love love love the dress!

Lauren said...

It looks and sounds like a great night! You look beautiful! Pregnancy looks good on you :) You and Mr. Mustard look so in love.

siri said...

What a fun night, filled with GREAT memories! I'm jealous :)

Elizabeth said...

So fun, and you look so incredibly beautiful, Erika! You're teeny! I cannot wait to give you big big hugs next month. :)


Sheila said...

Cute dress! Sounds like ya'll had a wonderful evening. Thanks for sharing the behind the scenes party pics. Now the fun begins... uninterrupted togetherness. Hope it'll be great fun for all of you.

Stunningly Sweet said...

Looks like you had a blast! I'm glad to have caught back up with your blog- I have been following for a while now, but just recently caught up since the arrival of my new baby girl! I think my oldest daughter (18 months) may have some of the same sensory conflicts as your dear Paprika. I would love to know what strategies you are using to help her when she shuts down with groups of people and how old she was when she started displaying some of her sensory needs? Thank you in advance for any advice you have!