Saturday, May 14, 2011

Mother's Day Tea!


On Tuesday, Paprika's preschool put on a Mother's Day Tea for all the moms. It was so special, I spent most of the time with a little tear peeking out of the corner of my eye.

They put on a cute performance of 4 or 5 songs. The kids all did great and remembered their lines. I had Ginger with me, and during the whole performance, all she wanted to do was run into the middle of everyone and join in.

I had to hold Ginger between my legs while she was writhing, trying desperately to break free. All the while, I was attempting to take pictures and video a little of the performance. It was a bit of a disaster! Ginger just could not understand why she couldn't break into song and dance with everyone else!

I only took Ginger out for a few moments when she started to get fussy. Of course, Paprika saw me walking out and got so upset and started to cry. So, I couldn't win. I ended up just bringing Ginger back in, trying to hold her down and keep her quiet while I focused on Paprika on stage and let her know (with my big thumbs up) how great she was doing.

After the performance, Ginger was perfect. She really just wants to do what all the other kids are doing. She and Paprika had a nice few moments reading books together. I love capturing little times like this.


The kids served us iced tea, lemonade, cucumber and cream cheese sandwiches...and strawberry shortcake for dessert. It was all so delicious!


Paprika had saved her mother's day gifts to give to me at the tea. She made me a little brooch at school, and a corsage. The kids also gave out flowers and special craft projects.


This is the best picture I could get of the three of us! After 10 attempts, I figured this was as good as it was going to get.


After the tea, I took the girls to the Lot to see their daddy on the set of Dancing With The Stars. The traffic was so bad, but the girls were so good the whole drive. After the show finished airing, we took the girls next door to The Grove. We walked around and stumbled upon the American Girl doll store...and you can guess what happened next!

Yup, we brought home a little doll for the girls to share. It's a good thing the DWTS season is almost over, because I have a feeling that everytime we go visit Mr. Mustard at work from now on, someone is going to want to make a trip to the American Girl doll store, too! ;-)


Sheila said...

Simply the best! Don't you just love days like this with the girls? Except for Ginger's exuberance(who can blame her), I couldn't imagine a better Mother's Day Tea. Love the purple in the corsage... definitely a Paprika signature creation.

As far as the American Girl Doll Store. Accessories aren't cheap, but they are less than a new doll. The babies are too cute as well, truly hard to resist.Good Luck!

Sheila said...

Was Paprika the model for the drawing on the board behind the 2 of you in the first picture? I think it captures her spirit well.

noswimmers said...

Oh my goodness, this could not be any more adorable. Seriously. Love it!