Thursday, October 28, 2010

Purple Butterfly at the Carnival!


Today was the Halloween Carnival/Party at Paprika's school! She got to wear her much-anticipated Purple Butterfly Costume- the one she has been waiting to wear for a month now!


Mr. Mustard had to work today (usually it's his day off)- so I took Paprika and Ginger both to school and helped out in the classroom.


Of course, it was right smack-dab in the middle of Ginger's naptime, but she was a good sport about the whole thing! I dressed her in her Halloween pajamas instead of her costume so that she could take a nap the second we got home! :-)


They did Halloween crafts, carnival games, and even had a little parade. Paprika was behind this Storm Trooper during the Parade, and he kept throwing his head back and hitting her in the face (accidentally). She just kinda shrugged it off and still had a happy attitude. When you're 4 years old and it's Halloween, there's not a whole lot that can get in the way of your happiness!



Sheila said...

Cutie Patooties!
I don't think the Storm Trooper could see without tilting his head back. Glad it didn't hurt or rattle your beautiful Mariposa.
Happy Boo to all of you.

FourJedis said...

She's so cute - I love her costume, too! So fitting! That Clone Trooper is D's long, lost brother from another mother!