Monday, October 4, 2010

The Birds And The Bees


We've been spending a lot of time at home lately. With Paprika in school in the morning, then Ginger napping in the afternoon, it doesn't leave a whole lot of time for us to get out. It's okay, though. We've been having fun at home just being together (but I realize it's not the most interesting blog subject matter- ha!)

Paprika really wants a pet. She almost talked me into getting her goats last week. Thankfully, Mr. Mustard talked some sense into me but not after I had contacted two local farms about dwarf pygmy goats (they would have lived outside in our backyard). All Mr. Mustard had to remind me about was how Ginger puts everything in her mouth....and how goat's "go" that would have just been an unfortunate situation waiting to happen!

Well, since goats are out of the picture, Paprika is begging for a dog. We'll see.

She's also begging for another little sister. She says that Ginger needs a baby sister, too. I said, "Where do you think babies come from? Where would we get this baby?"

And her reply was, "The baby store, of course!"

Ahhh, right. The baby store.

I didn't say a word! I figure I have ten years or so till we need to have that talk. ;- )

Ginger wants to do everything Paprika does, and is really capable of so much. One of her favorite things to do is to run to the very back of our yard, climb to the top of the play structure, and then stand there and look out over everyone. I think she likes being taller than us all! She probably will be soon enough!



Lauren said...

haha that's cute. If only it was as easy as going to the Baby Store! :)

Devon said...

glad mr mustard made you think twice :) i was a bit nervous about you raising goats - ha!!

FourJedis said...

How sweet. A goat sounds like a lot of work, but who doesn't love goat cheese? Good call on turning the question back on her... Anakin asked me how he got out of my belly - easy answer - explained the c-section. He asked how Yoda got out and I choked under pressure and told him I pooped him out. I hope he doesn't remember.