Sunday, October 10, 2010

Never A Dull Moment!


Let's see. Last Thursday I started to feel really really sick. Over the past few days, I had noticed some thangs going on due to breastfeeding, and after a few minutes of Google, I knew that I had a very bad case of mastitis.

I'll spare you the medical's basically this infection that can get really bad if it isn't treated, and for some reason my case got really bad really fast.


I looked at the clock and realized it was after hours at the doctor's office, so I loaded up the car with both girls and headed off to Urgent Care. Mr. Mustard was working, and I knew it was going to be a late night for him, so I took both girls with me to Urgent Care by myself...which was interesting.


My fever was 103! After we left Urgent Care, we went to Target to get my prescription...and that took an hour. I basically stumbled around Target for an hour, opening up snacks for Ginger to eat to keep her occupied as we strolled. (Don't worry, I paid for them before we left!)


Then, the next day, our next door neighbor came over and told me that she found a black widow spider on her back porch, and that everyone in the neighborhood had been complaining of them!

So, I went out in our backyard and sure enough, we had a bunch of them hanging around. I must have looked crazed...I was feverish, in my pajamas, with a broom, paper towels, and a can of Raid (I had to do it), battling the black widow spiders! I even saved one to show Mr. Mustard in case he had any doubts! Haha!

Oh, and I also took out a nest of wasps! I was feeling very frontier-ish!


I think I jumped to conclusions too quickly, though, because after reading (thanks Google!), I realized that black widow spider bites are bad, but not that bad.

We'll have an exterminator out to make sure they're all gone, and in the meantime we're wearing boots outside, and staying away from spiders!


Of course, Paprika loves spiders. And so I had to have this big talk with her about how some spiders are not our friends, and if she sees one, she needs to come and find me before she touches it. I was drilling it into her...and I am pretty sure she got the message! I didn't want to scare her, but then again, I want her to be safe.

So, now she's agreed that when she finds a spider, I will help her put it in a jar to look at instead of just picking it up and playing with it. Phew!


We had all these big plans for this weekend, but with me having mastitis, we are just hanging out at home, waiting for the antibiotics to do their magic.

We did go to ballet yesterday and the girls loved that! Paprika loved dancing, and Ginger loved watching!


Hopefully, I'll start to feel like myself in another day or two and I'll have the energy to take the girls to the pumpkin patch like I'd planned. Until then, we are enjoying the private oasis of our backyard, and finding happiness in the company of one another.



Sheila said...

Ouuuccchhh! I hope you can move and use your arms without discomfort.
So sorry you are experiencing this.
I've had engorgement and that sh-- really was painful. They are hard as cement and bigger than your head! You have to be bound by a beach towel and iced down. That's right, a beach towel that's how huge they can get!!! I know Mr. Mustard is working like crazy but I do hope you have someone close to you to lend a hand. Fatigue, sore, achy, feverish and still being 24/7 Mommy and a spider wrangler/exterminator. You'll make it through with your usual creative parenting, I just hope you will treat yourself with as much love and care.
Sending you good thoughts for a full and speedy recovery. Glad Ginger is older and can eat other foods.

FourJedis said...

I'm so sorry about the mastitis. Ugh. I hope the medicine starts to kick in very soon. Wow, black widows. I'm glad you had the talk with Paprika. We've had an awful bug season here... brutal. Love the beautiful girls in the beautiful pictures! That pumpkin cap is especially cute!

Devon said...

feel better sweetie!

and those girls of yours are just delicious! i can say that, right? since you know i'm not some crazy person. ha!

Sheila said...

On a side note... Ginger Pumpkin Spice looks to be going through a growth spurt. She all of a sudden looks like a big girl and not a toddler. Love her little fashionista style. Please keep all the adorable hats they wear, you'll love seeing your grandkids in them when you're a Granny. Hindsights 20/20.

Lauren said...

Hope you feel better soon!

danbnan said...

Oh my! Mastitis, black widows, and a wasp nest? AND doing all this solo? You get the super mama award for that! Hope you are on the mend...:)