Monday, October 11, 2010

A Perfect 10!


Yesterday was 10/10/10 - and it was a perfect 10 of a day! I think it was probably the most popular wedding day on the planet (and probably the most popular elective c-section date, too!)

We had a special day here, too. I am still getting over mastitis, so we stayed home mostly.

Ginger took a nice nap in the afternoon. When Paprika and I heard her talking to herself on the baby monitor, Paprika said, "Why don't I go in and sing her some songs?"

The next thing I knew, I heard Paprika in Ginger's room singing, "Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes," and also heard the distinct boing boing boing of the crib's springs. Well, I knew that could only mean one thing...


Sure enough, they were having a bouncing party right there in Ginger's crib. Then it was time to get up and play, full speed ahead!


Our day even included some fireworks, courtesy of our portable dishwasher. Our house doesn't have a built-in dishwasher, so we just use a portable one. I was so bummed because I thought the machine was done for...but Mr. Mustard went to Home Depot before work this morning and fixed it! My hero! I have no idea how he knew what to do- he really is the smartest person I know. I am so glad he fixed it because otherwise there might have been a lot of paper plates in our future! Ha!


We spent the rest of the afternoon in the backyard. It was a gorgeous day, just pefection!

Ginger has learned how to climb up to the top of the playground and how to go down the slide all by herself.


She even knows how to slow herself down so she doesn't go too fast. It's her new favorite thing to do and she is so proud of herself!


Paprika played "Hide and Chase" with me...


and collected "treasures and food for caterpillars..."


It was one of those slow days when every second seems precious, and all you want to do is enjoy...


each smile...


the simple stuff like pushing a toy car...


and the closeness of sisters who love each other with all their hearts...


It truly was a Perfect 10 day...even with the dishwasher snafu!


Devon said...

but you know women were bummed they couldn't schedule a c-section for 10/10/10 -- unless they had a *really* nice dr willing to come in on a sunday! ha!

SO glad your dishwasher got fixed - yeah hubby!!

hope you are feeling better soon!

FourJedis said...

Hope you're feeling even better today. Looks like a perfect day, and I'm so glad Mr. Mustard could be the knight in shining armor. Love the pictures, and I love that treasures were collected for the caterpillars!

Amee said...

the girls are just too cute - i love seeing the pictures of them together and how much fun they have together!

hope you get completely better soon!!

Sophia said...

Your girls are absolutely gorgeous!!!! I have been following your blog for a while now, and since I recently started a blog, am coming out of the woods. :-)

Sheila said...

Oh my word... do they still have portable dishwashers? I had one in our first house! It had a butcher block top and I'd roll it over to the sink and hook it up to the faucet after we were done with dinner and everyone had been bathed. I'm glad it didn't cause a fire. How terrific Mr. Mustard is to fix it for you. The appliance gremlin visited my house last Friday. My washing machine decided it didn't want to completely drain the water in the spin cycle. Given that our 7 month grandson is with us all week, I need to wash daily. My sweetie was able to fix it on Saturday with a $2.00 part he was lucky enough to find. It's so wonderful to have a "Handy Man" around to save the day. Yes, I took pictures of "My Hero" in action saving the day. I think he's finally getting use to be blogging about our everyday life in the burbs.