Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Sarah and Zane are Coming Tomorrow!

My good friend, Sarah, is coming all the way from Colorado to visit me. She is bringing her son, Zane, with her. He is six months younger than Paprika, and I can't wait to meet him. They arrive tomorrow! Yea!

Instead of cleaning the house all day (like I should be doing in anticipation of their visit), I took Paprika to the park for three hours today. We had such a great time. The weather was perfect- sunny, mid 70s, and breezy. Paprika made lots of friends and by the end was tired and ready to go home!

I know Paprika is going to be so excited to meet Sarah and Zane tomorrow. She loves people, and these will be the first overnight guests we've had in awhile. Paprika will love having a constant playmate! :-)

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