Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Many Updates!

I haven't been able to post photos because of a problem with our computer. I hope to have this fixed when Mr. Mustard (our resident computer genius) is able to get a spare moment to fix the problem. He will be home tonight for a few hours, so hopefully I'll be posting pictures again by tomorrow!

We went to a BEAUTIFUL wedding this past weekend in San Luis Obispo. Tom and Ann finally tied the knot, and the wedding could not have been more magical and perfect. Paprika was wonderful the whole weekend, and even slept well in our hotel room! It was like a mini vacation- and we got to see Mr. Mustard for four straight days, which was soooo wonderful.

I find I am sicker than normal with this pregnancy, constantly tired, and when I'm not throwing up, I feel like I'm going to! It's sort of like constantly being on a tiny sailboat in the middle of a vast, rocking sea. I was definitely not this sick with Paprika!

I am behind on my deadline for the book I'm completing with Jessica. Hopefully she will understand how sick I've been and cut me a little slack on it. Every spare moment I have to myself when Paprika is sleeping, I want to just go to bed. Paprika definitely keeps me VERY busy during the day.

My next doctor's appointment is in a few weeks. I've decided to switch back to my old doctor (the one who delivered Paprika) because his office is SO state-of-the-art, and I know I'm going to get super vigilant care with him. That is super important because the more I read about identical twins, the more I find out that they are very high risk both for mother and babies, and this is going ot be a long journey ahead. I really want to be prepared for everything along the way, and I know with him I'll have the best chance of delivering healthy, happy babies.

Yesterday I saw my cousin Caroline! She is staying with a friend at her friend's uncle's house in Long Beach. We met up in Santa Monica, had lunch at Barney's Beanery on the Third Street Promenade, went to the beach, and walked on the Pier. It was super fun. Mr. Mustard's mom came down and watched Paprika for the whole day, which was just great! When I got home, I even got to take a nap! It was a pretty great day overall!

Paprika is finally sleeping (holding my breath as I say it) on a normal schedule. Last night she went to bed at 9pm and woke up at 9am this morning!!! The night before that, she went to bed at 8pm and woke up at 9am. Let's hope this trend continues!

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