Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Everything Changes!

Everything changes- that's my lesson for this week. Right after I posted the long post about everything Paprika is doing now, she started doing a whole new set of things! I can't keep up. She learns a million new things every day, it seems. Her counting AND her letters are pretty solid now. She's singing REAL songs with words. She especially loves the theme to "Elmo's World" and will even substitute in the phrase, "That's Paprika's World!" into the song. It's a hoot. She also sings the whole song, "Walking" by Hap Palmer. And, of course, she still loves to sing the ABC song, and it's more complete now than ever.

Her new words and phrases are a riot lately. For example, a birthday cake is NOT called a birthday cake. It's called a happy cake! She has also learned the power of the word please. If I won't let her do something, she'll turn so sweetly to Mr. Mustard and say, "Daddy, please! Please, daddy." One of her funnier sayings is "Time to go!"- which she says whenever she's tired of being somewhere. She says it so brightly and with such enthusiasm, it really makes you want to leave, too! She'll say it over and over again, "Time to go! Time to go! Yea!!!" and then start clapping.

Paprika continues to be enamored with hats and shoes. I was trying to sell a box of her old shoes on Ebay last week, and when she saw the shoes (which are all several sizes too small), she HAD to wear each and every pair. On Saturday, when I was dropping off old clothes at Goodwill, the attendant asked me what was in the bags, and I said, "clothes and shoes." When Paprika heard I was giving away shoes, she got SO MAD and started yelling, "No!!!!" Nevermind that they're my shoes- that doesn't matter to her. All shoes need to stay in the family, according to her.

Paprika can put on her own shoes (but more often than not mixes up the right foot from the left), and is trying to put on her socks. She wants to grow up so quickly, and I want her to stay my baby!

So, that's what's going on as of today. I'm sure it will all change again by tomorrow!

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