Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend!

What a whirlwind! We did so much this weekend, I can barely remember it all. Friday, of course, was our doctor's appointment. Saturday, Mr. Mustard was back up in Santa Barbara editing. Paprika and I spent Saturday running errands- dropping off items at Goodwill, returning things to Target, and grocery shopping. So, the weekend didn't really get started until Sunday! Our wonderful friend, Mike, came to visit us from San Francisco. He is in town finishing up his movie and came by for lunch, and to take Paprika to the park. It was GREAT to see him. It was mid-60s here, so a bit brisk. The weather has been SO weird lately- about 100 degrees last week and now foggy and cold. Strange.

I was feeling really really sick all day yesterday, but still managed to get out and do the fun stuff with Mike, Mr. Mustard, and Paprika. Last night after Mike left, we took Paprika to "go cars" at the go-kart track since she was asking to go all day long. I went along for the drive to the track, but was way too sick to get out of the car. So, I waited in the car while they went inside and played. Luckily, I had my iPod in the car and could listen to it while they were inside. I figured I would probably be too sick to go inside with them, but I wanted to spend the car ride together as a family (it's a great time to get to talk to Mr. Mustard one on one). And, it was actually relaxing just to lay in the car with my eyes closed and wait for them while they were playing indoors.

What else? Oh, I forgot to mention that we test-drove some "family cars" this weekend. Since our cars only fit two carseats, we have to go bigger. We test-drove the Honda Odyssey and it was actually pretty great. Of course, we're going to buy one used through a private party, but it was nice to sit in the shiny new one at the dealership and dream! :-) We also looked at a Mazda5, which Mr. Mustard really liked, but it's way too small, so that car is officially off the table. I feel like we spend half our lives searching for, selling, and buying vehicles. Enough already! Hopefully once Mr. Mustard is back in Los Angeles for work, we can sort through everything and figure out the car situation once and for all!

Here are a few pics of Paprika playing music with Mr. Mustard. Really cute, if you ask me!

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