Friday, May 16, 2008

21 Months!

Today beautiful Paprika turns 21 months old! That's three months away from her two year birthday. I don't know if I'm ready for that!

Mr. Mustard has my car because he had to take the Subaru into the shop to have the air conditioning fixed. Even though we just bought the Subaru a month ago, we have decided we are going to have to sell it because it's not big enough for three carseats. Of course, when we bought the car we didn't ever expect we'd be having twins! And, when we bought it, we didn't realize the air conditioning would break three days later. Ahhh, hindsight!

So, today Paprika and I stuck close to home. It was one of the hottest days I can ever remember. We took "Paprika's car" up to the park near us, which is right nextdoor to a pretty rough highschool. We usually wait til the heat has passed to go to the park that we drive to, but because we were going to the park we can walk to, we had to get there by 1pm, since by 2:30 all of the hoodlums are out of school and it's nowhere you want to be at that hour.

Needless to say, we were sooooooo hot. I brought water for Paprika, but after about 45 minutes of playing, she climbed back in her car and said "we go home!" That's the first time I can ever remember her initiating leaving the park early. I was about to pass out and was sitting in the shade fanning myself while Paprika played in the shaded play structure. I was actually starting to worry for the twinnies and just tried to stay very still. When we left the house I didn't realize it was such a hot day.

I am still trying to figure out what we are going to do for household help. I definitely need someone to watch Paprika when I go to my doctor's appointments, since at pretty much all of the appointments they are going to be doing some very detailed and precise ultrasound work. I don't know how I can manage her alone while lying on the table with a team of doctors examining my uterus. As I get bigger and may need to be on bedrest, I will definitely need someone to help me with Paprika then. So, to the drawing board it is. I am compiling a list of people to email to ask about possible paid babysitting help, or even perhaps a babysitting swap for the next few months (although I don't know what kind of condition I'll be in a few months from now). I have some ideas, and I know it will work out fine.

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