Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day Weekend!

We had an excellent Mother's Day weekend! Mr. Mustard was home and we spent lots of quality time together as a family. Friday night we went to the Go-Kart track. It's Paprika's favorite nighttime activity, and she begs to "Go Cars!" whenever Mr. Mustard comes home.

Saturday we caught up on errands, had lunch at Chipotle (yum!) and went to the Paseo in the evening. Paprika had a great time people-watching and it was nice to just hang out with Mr. Mustard.

Sunday (Mother's Day) was filled with culinary delights and pampering. Mr. Mustard made me breakfast - pancakes with strawberries and sausages. There was a bit of a glitch in the breakfast making, as Paprika has hidden most of our pots and pans and we can't find them anywhere. We also couldn't track down our waffle iron (it may have been lost in the move). So, the original idea was waffles, but those turned into pancakes. Mr. Mustard improvised with the sausages by making them in a less than ideal pan- a few got stuck, but in the end, everything turned out great!

For the afternoon, we went to the Huntington and let Paprika play in the kids' fountains. She had a great time and got SOAKED! I brought her an extra change of clothes this time.

When we got home, Paprika went down for a nap, and Mr. Mustard and I got to enjoy a wonderful outdoor barbeque. We made steaks on the grill and baked potatoes. It was awesome!

Here is a picture of me.

Here's Mr. Mustard manning the grill!

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