Monday, May 14, 2007

Perfect Mother's Day

Yesterday was the absolute most perfect Mother's Day I could have hoped for. Although Paprika was still a little sick, she was in good spirits all day. We had bagels for breakfast and then Mr. Mustard gave me my Mother's Day present- a card and a beautiful jewlery box I have been wanting. I also got Mother's Day cards from Paprika, Hauser and Meg! It was really special.

We walked up to the Paseo Colorado and had lunch at The Yard House, which is a great restaurant/pub with outdoor seating. Paprika was just great- so happy and well-behaved. Afterwards we went shoe shopping, and I finally got some shoes to match my now larger, post-pregnancy feet. I am so gald to have some shoes that finally fit!

We walked home, and then spent the evening together. After Paprika went to sleep, we made a pizza and some oatmeal chocolate chip cookies and watched Entourage on DVD. It was such a fun day- my very first official Mother's Day (although I did count last year as my first Mother's Day!) ;-)

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