Friday, May 18, 2007

My Mom Is Here!

My mom flew in last night for her mandala workshop. She was so excited to see Paprika. Paprika got to stay up way past her bedtime to greet Grammy (what we call my mom). They had fun playing together before bedtime. After Paprika went to sleep, Mr. Mustard and I caught up on Lost, American Idol results, and Entourage.

I'm so glad it's Friday! We don't have a whole lot planned for the weekend yet. Tomorrow is Paprika's swim lesson, which is always fun. We had to miss last Saturday because she was sick. She's all better now, so we'll be back at the pool tomorrow.

Mr. Mustard is still looking at cars and is thinking more about getting a car he can convert to run on veggie oil. To convert your car to run on veggie oil, it has to have to have a diesel engine. And because we need to be able to transport Hauser, we need to get a wagon. Unfortunately, there are very few diesel wagons in existence. In California, they are particularly rare. So, he's been checking out various out of state sellers online and may even buy a car off of Ebay and have it shipped out here. I think it would be awesome to run our cars on veggie oil. The BMW can't be converted because it's a standard gasoline engine. But hopefully in the future we'll be able to have both cars run on such efficient (and inexpensive) fuel!

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