Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Hot Summer!

The weather here is hot already! We've been keeping cool in the airconditioning. On Monday we walked up to the library in the mid-day heat. Big mistake! I plopped Paprika in a cool bath when we got home, which she really enjoyed. Yesterday we stayed indoors mostly- did a few returns at Target and then went to the fabric store to get some supplies for a sewing project I'm starting. Then, yesterday evening I went for a walk with my neighbor, who has an 11 month old son. It's always great talking to her about our babies, since they're so close in age. We were "scheduled" to go for our walk today, but I happened to see her out and about while I was walking Hauser yesterday. Today we're going for another walk once it cools down.

I recently bought Paprika some new toys, since she's almost at the 9 month milestone. She has a new activity table that I just put the batteries in- she's loving that. She really is very happy with simple toys, though. I borrowed some books for her from the library. She can sit and look at books all day practically, she loves the pretty pictures. I bought her a balloon today when we were out grocery shopping. She saw the balloons at the store and started saying "Ba! Ba! Ba!", so I had to get one. I am a sucker for her every whim. She's really enjoying the balloon, and is playing with it right now! I like it, too, because it says "Happy Mother's Day!" :-)

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