Saturday, May 12, 2007

A Day At The Park

We had a very rough night last night. Paprika was so congested, she could barely breathe let alone eat or drink anything. It was awful. She couldn't sleep because she is so sick and stuffed up. The frustration of being congested and not able to sleep got to be too much for her and made for one very upset and cranky baby. We were up almost the entire night with her. She finally took a three hour nap this afternoon and afterward seemed to be feeling better.

It was a beautiful day today and it seemed like getting out for a little while and getting some fresh air would do us all some good. So, I made a picnic lunch for us and we went to a nearby park. Paprika loves being outdoors. We all had lunch, and Paprika got to have her very first bite of banana! It is her first sweet food she's tried. She also had little pieces of turkey. Afterwards we went to the playground and she got to swing in the baby swing, and go down the slide with daddy. She is quite a daredevil and likes swinging in the baby swing best when she goes really high. The higher the better!

After that we visited the park's rose garden, which is just gorgeous right now. Paprika likes to stick her nose right into the roses to smell them. That put her in a great mood. After that, we came home and she napped for an hour. Mr. Mustard fell asleep and now Paprika is busy crawling around the living room. I have a feeling that tonight is going to be another long night, since the cold bothers her most when she's sleeping. Here's hoping that she's through the worst of it!

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