Thursday, May 3, 2007

Beautiful Day!

Today is my dad's birthday! We called him this morning to wish him a very Happy Birthday! It was great talking to him and catching up with everything that's going on with him! After we talked to my dad, Paprika and I went for a beautiful walk up to the park. The weather here is so gorgeous today! We met three other moms with their babies. One of the babies was born just 5 days before Paprika. It was great talking to them, and we may meet up in the future. Paprika had a great time swinging on the baby swing. She was so happy to be outdoors and was laughing and giggling at everyone in the park.
After that we went to the library (also within walking distance), and the librarian was so helpful. He's going to order me a book I've been wanting that's at another branch. He said the book should be there by tomorrow! So nice and convenient!

Paprika is starting to pull up on the furniture. She is very determined to explore every inch of our house. I guess I need to invest in some baby-proofing locks for our cabinets, since she's determined to get into them. She has also started going into the bathrooms and shutting the door. Then when I try to get in, her body is up against the door, so I can't push the door open. She's very trixy, this one!
Yesterday she opened up the bathroom cabinets for the first time and took everything out of them! Luckily, everything is still sealed in ziplock baggies from the move, so she couldn't make too much of a mess. Her favorite thing to find in the bathroom is the plunger. I had hidden two plungers underneath the bathroom sink, and when I turned around, she had taken both plungers out of the cabinet, and was playing with them on the floor!

Her other new favorite trick is to take off her diaper while she's in her crib. Apparently, this is also something I did when I was her age. To remedy this problem, I started putting her in onesies when she naps. But, she's now figured out how to unsnap the onesies- she just pulls really hard! Now when I hear her wake up from her nap, I run right in there, since if I wait a few minutes, I might be met with a very unfortunate surprise! Yesterday when I was met with such a suprise, I had my camera handy and got a few snapshots for posterity. ;-)

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