Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Six Weeks Old!

Today Paprika turned 6 weeks old. It's amazing to think about how much she's grown and changed these past 6 weeks. When we first took her home from the hospital in her carseat she was so little that the seat pretty much engulfed her- now she's filling out that same carseat quite nicely, holding up her head, and even smiling at us! When she came home from the hospital, she was 8 pounds. Now she's over 12 pounds (according to our bathroom scale). So, in 6 weeks, she's put on 50% of her weight all over again. It's incredible!

Paprika is sleeping a little longer at night now- last night, for example, she slept from 11:30pm until 2:30am, and then from 3:30-6:30, and then from 7:00-8:00. That's 7 hours total- although not right in a row yet!

We are starting to venture out a little bit more. Paprika and I went to the mall today to buy a birthday gift for a friend. She was perfect at the mall- although I did make sure to keep it brief. Then we came home, I gave her a bath, and now she is resting sunggly against my chest asleep as I type this. She smells so fresh and clean!

Paprika has started smiling back at us, which is so fulfilling! She usually does it during her diaper changes- it's so gratifying to see that little face smiling back up at us.

Tomorrow I have scheduled lunch with a friend- one of Mr. Mustard's co-workers. So, Paprika and I are going to see where Mr. Mustard works tomorrow! Then on Friday we are having dinner with Jessica and Matt- I am excited to see their new apartment and hear about their trip to Thailand. Jessica just started working at her big downtown LA law firm, so it will be interesting to hear her take on it. I think she'll really like it.

My start date for work was supposed to be September 5th, but life had other plans for me, I guess! I am enjoying being home with Paprika and seeing her grow and change. I can't imagine getting bored with this- taking care of her is pretty challenging and fulfilling.

Then, Saturday we are going to Santa Barbara because one of Mr. Mustard's mom's friends is having a post-baby baby shower for us! So, that will be nice. On Sunday, we are going to the wedding of two of Mr. Mustard's friends from film school, Matt and Julianne. Whew! What a busy couple of days we have ahead of us!

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