Wednesday, September 6, 2006

3 Weeks Old!

Wow, I can't believe that Paprika is Three Weeks old today! Time is going by too quickly! We had a wonderful Labor Day weekend. We had not planned on doing anything, but decided to go up to Santa Barbara at the last minute. We visited Mr. Mustard's mom and had a really wonderful, relaxing time. Paprika was a real trooper. She did great in the car- the traffic up to SB was insane and ended up taking a really long time to get up there. Paprika slept the whole car ride up and back down- she was perfect. We also brought Hauser and he had a great time, as well. We took him and Paprika to our favorite walking spot- Elwood Shores. Paprika loves being outdoors and she got her first glimpse of the ocean at 2 weeks 4 days old!

My mom is coming into town today- I am very excited! She will finally get to meet her grandbaby! Tomorrow is my birthday and then on Friday, Paprika has her 3 week appointment at the Pediatrician's office. I am curious to see how she's growing. :-) Will write more later- Paprika is calling me!

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