Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Four Weeks Old!

This Wednesday marks Paprika's 4 week birthday- this time four weeks ago, I was in labor at Cedars! Time is flying so quickly! Her one month birthday is this Saturday (Sept. 16th)- I can't believe it. I will post more pictures soon- we have taken so many more and have lots of really cute ones. She is getting bigger by the second, I swear!

On Friday, Paprika had her three week pediatrician check-up visit. She measured 23 inches long and weighed 10 pounds 7 oz., which is two pounds over her birth weight of 8 pounds 7 oz. and three inches longer! I think they MUST have mismeasured at the hospital because 3 inches in 3 weeks is unreal.

My mom is visiting right now, and that is going great. Paprika is really loving spending time with her grandma Becker and I'm loving it, too. Paprika is a very good baby and loves to be held all the time. She's starting to become more aware of her surroundings and is staying awake for longer stretches. She continues to be beautiful, perfect, and the highlight of our lives.

I'm still not getting much sleep, but I hear that the sleep issue will resolve itself soon enough once she starts being able to go longer in between feedings. Right now we're up together every two to three hours. I'm not complaining, though- I really cherish our bonding time together at night!

I will update more soon with pictures- I'm on Mr. Mustard's computer right now, which doesn't have the photos on it.

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