Tuesday, September 19, 2006

I took my mom to the airport yesterday- I was sad to see her go. We had a lot of good mother/daughter/granddaughter bonding time. This weekend my grandparents are coming into town, so Paprika will get to meet her Greatgrandparents! That will be exciting! My grandparents are coming back from a cruise with their best friends Barbara and Duane and will be spending some time in Los Angeles. The six of us went to Las Vegas earlier this year and had such a great time. We love seeing Barb and Duane- and of course love spending time with my grandparents, so this will really be a treat!

I scheduled my 6 week check-up with the doctor for October 7th, which is really more like 7 weeks but that was the earliest opening I could get first thing in the morning. That way Mr. Mustard can go with me and watch Paprika while I'm in with the doctor and then can go on to work. I can't believe September is going by so quickly.

Mr. Mustard and I went and looked at a few houses this past weekend- something I don't want to do again for awhile. It's too depressing to look at houses that are 1) very very tiny and 2) in need of major repair, and then be told that the house is a "steal" for $650K. We're going to look into renting a bigger apartment soon. This place is good for now, but soon enough Mr. Mustard and I will need some privacy and it would be great for Paprika to have her own room.

I'm going to look into taking the Real Estate Broker exam once I get my Bar results. As a law school grad, I can take the Real Estate Salesperson license- but in order to be a Broker I would have to have passed the Bar. A Salesperson must work under a Broker- so I might as well see if I passed the Bar first and become a full-fledged Broker.

Mr. Mustard suggested that I look into taking the exam and becoming licensed, because if I do, then I could be our buying agent if we buy a house- and we would get the commission back when we buy the house.
Of course, I said, why not just offer less money and not be represented by a real estate agent at all? I'm not sure if we did that if the seller's agent would get double commission for representing both us and the seller. My suspicion is that they probably would. So, it might be worth it for me to become licensed and then represent us in the event that we buy a house.

Of course, that entails us waiting to see if I passed the Bar (which I won't know until Thanksgiving), and then taking the exam, and then waiting for the licensing to happen- which would take about 6 weeks, I guess. So, that means I would probably not become licensed until February. Assuming we can stay in this apartment that long, it could work out perfectly. But staying in this apartment much longer may drive both Mr. Mustard and I insane! We are bursting at the seams- I guess we'll see how it goes day by day. One definite positive thing about living here is that we get LOTS of together-time and there's no room to get lonely. As I like to say, there is a lot of love in this house!

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