Sunday, September 24, 2006

Paprika Meets Her Great-Grandparents!

What a great weekend we had! Great-Grandma and Great-Grandpa Spinks were in town with their best friends, Barbara and Duane. They had just come back from a cruise and planned a stay in Los Angeles over the weekend.

On Friday, we had a low-key time around the apartment getting acquainted and visiting. Paprika really liked hearing everyone talk and listening to the conversations around her. Since birth, she has enjoyed being in the "sitting up" position, and feels most comfortable when you hold her as if she's sitting up properly. So, she sat up and looked around at everyone- taking it all in! Then for dinner, we went out for an awesome dinner at Chin-Chin, a Chinese restaurant in Beverly Hills. It was Paprika's first restaurant experience, and she did great. She slept through pretty much the whole meal while Mr. Mustard held her in the Baby Bjorn.

On Saturday, Mr. Mustard had the day off work, so we all went to the Getty Museum in Bel-Air, and then we went to the Santa Monica Pier. Paprika was a real trooper and only started to get a little fussy at the end of the day. The Getty was very manageable- it was cool and not crowded at all. She really seemed to like it. The Pier was a little warmer, so Paprika let us know that she wanted to go home after an hour or so. So, we did- and she was fine after that. She took a LONG nap when she got home, which was great- we really tuckered her out! After that, we visited a little more at the apartment- It was so great having Grandma and Grandpa, Barbara and Duane visit! We love spending time with them- they are like a vitamin shot of positivity and fun. We were so sad to see them go!

Today Mr. Mustard and I have been catching up on household duties- grocery shopping, laundry, and other exciting tasks! ;-) We also had lunch at Quizno's (my favorite), and again Paprika was really great. I think she likes being out and about and is curious to learn all about the world around her.

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