Friday, September 15, 2006

My Birthday!

In all the excitement, I realize that I forgot to post about my birthday! Of course, I got the best birthday present this year- Paprika! Mr. Mustard and I went to Sushi Roku for my birthday and had a nice dinner out while my mom babysat. It was a lot of fun, and good for Mr. Mustard and I to get a few minutes alone.

The next night (Friday night), we had Jacey and Dan over for dinner- well, actually they came over and brought US dinner, which was really really wonderful of them. They even brought a very yummy birthday cake! It was awesome.

Paprika has been living in her Baby Bjorn which was a present from my Aunts Jane and Peg. Wow- what a lifesaver it has been! Paprika loves being carted around in it- she's also loving the sling carrier that my aunt Laura sent. If it weren't for those carriers, I would never get out of bed!

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