Wednesday, May 10, 2006

My Dad's Here!

Today was a very good day. Mr. Mustard and I picked up my dad this morning at the airport- he arrived at 10:35 am from Indianapolis. He was in good spirits and hungry when he arrived, so we decided to go grab lunch before coming home. We stopped at The Bridge and had some yummy Rubio's - mmmm. Then, we came home and I showed my dad the video of the ultrasound. He seemed to really like the 3d ultrasound- I am pretty fond of it, myself. We then hung out around the apartment a bit- he got the tour, and got to meet Hauser and get reacquainted with Meg. Mr. Mustard had to go back to work, so dad and I took Hauser to the Laurel Canyon Dog Park. Hauser had a great time romping around and thoroughly exhausted himself. My dad liked the park and thought it was pretty neat how many different kinds of dogs are there- there is about every breed you can think of at that park.

Dad and I came home and he suggested we make salmon and broccoli for dinner- so we went to the grocery store (braving life and limb in rush hour traffic) and picked up that and a bottle of wine (not for me, of course!). We came home and dad made a spectacular dinner- salmon with cajun spices, broccoli with garlic, and then I made a salad. It was soooo good and really special that my dad made it for us. After that we just hung out and watched Mr. Mustard's episode of The Amazing Race and then Lost. My dad was so tired that he fell asleep during Lost because he had been up since about midnight the night before with no sleep.

I'm so glad my dad is visiting! It is a special time having him here- and I'm so glad and feel so fortunate that he could come out for a visit. I'm looking forward to tomorrow- we are going to take Hauser on a hike, which will be a first for all of us. :-) I am very happy right now!

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