Monday, May 15, 2006


Just got back from Graduation- it was a wonderful weekend! My dad, Mr. Mustard, and I went to SB to pick up Mr. Mustard's mom on Thursday. We stayed there until Friday, and then headed up as a group to Berkeley. Friday night Mike met up with us for dinner, which was great. We went to Chevy's, which is right on the water in Emeryville. We saw an amazing sunset over dinner.

Saturday, I had to be at school by 8:30 to get my cap and gown and get in line. The ceremony started at 10am- and it was hot and long. Jacey and Dan drove up all the way from LA to see the graduation- and Jacey surprised me with a gorgeous lei, right before I was walking in to the stadium (leis are a University of California graduation tradition). When I got inside I saw that Mr. Mustard had also bought me a lei- so I ended up with two! It was really really sweet of them both.

Mr. Mustard got a great video of the whole graduation, which he has promised to digitize for me. In addition to Jacey, Dan, my dad, Mr. Mustard's mom, Mr. Mustard, and Mike- Deborah, Lindsey, and Siobhan also came to graduation. It was so great to see them- especially since I won't be travelling much this summer, it was great catching up with them and hearing about what is going on in their exciting lives. I got a great photo of the group of us girls:

After the ceremony, we had a wonderful lunch at Adagia, which is a restaurant that I love, which is located across the street from the law school. My dad took a big group of us out, and it was so great getting to spend time with everyone...and the food was yummy, as I remembered it.

Here is a picture of us at Adagia:

After lunch, my dad, Mr. Mustard's mom, Mr. Mustard and I headed over to Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco. We had a great view of Alcatraz from Pier 39 and got to see all of the sea lions sunning themselves. Here is a picture of me and my dad with Alcatraz in the background:

Later that night, Mr. Mustard and I got together with a group of my law school friends- then went back to the hotel, got some sleep, and headed back to Santa Barbara the next morning, after dropping my dad off at the airport in Oakland.

Sunday was my first Mother's Day- even though our baby isn't born, I figure it still counts as Mother's Day since I've been carrying her around for the past 6 and a half months. Mr. Mustard got me a really nice card, which was sweet.

We just got back to LA this afternoon, because we had to pick Hauser up at the doggy daycare in SB, and they weren't open on Sunday. It was wonderful picking up our doggie this morning- I missed him so much. It's good to be back in LA- I have lots of little stuff to do this week to make up for everything I've neglected studying for finals, and with graduation. I guess now it's back to reality time...oh well. I've graduated!!!

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