Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Memorial Day Weekend

The weekend was overall pretty good- Mr. Mustard went up to SB to see his mom on Sunday, but I stayed home to study...yes, studying is what I did this weekend. Even with all of the studying I did, I don't feel like I got too much done.

Today I instituted a new plan whereby I log my "billable study hours" - this helps me see what I'm spending my time on and helps avoid needless distractions (like spending time online). :-)
So far today, I've logged 7.5 billable hours, which isn't as good as I would have hoped. I will probably spend another 1 hour of pure studying, which will put me up to 8.5 total for the day. Barbri recommends 8 hours in addition to the 3 hours of class time- which would be 11 hours total-- so I guess that's a goal to work towards.

I was a little bummed because my scores on the multi-state practice were NOT good (55-65%), but after I re-read the torts outline, my torts score went up to 79%, which is pretty darn good, considering.

If this all sounds a little boring, it's because it is. But, that's my life right now. I was feeling sorry for myself up until Sunday- but then I sort of had a revelation that I just need to push through this time and enjoy the process of studying. So, Sunday, Monday and today I've felt much better about the whole thing. Of course, my outlook may change as the weeks progress, but I'm hoping to keep a positive attitude and just keep on with it.

I did get out to go to Mosaic on Sunday, which was great (possibly the reason for my better mood?), and I took Hauser for some nice long walks. Mr. Mustard has been really good about supporting me in the study-department today- which is really nice.

I'm still so tired all the time from being pregnant, and usually at about 2pm everyday I have a sort of narcoleptic collapse for an hour or two before I can regain consciousness and go back to studying. Jessica seems to be experiencing the same thing- and she's not pregnant, so maybe it's just the nature of studying for the Bar. All I know is that I am soooo tired and my ankles are the size of my neck (not a pretty picture).

Hope my future entries can be more upbeat-- things are good, they're just sort of repetitive and very intense with the studying and studying (all to maybe (?) - hopefully- pass the Bar).

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