Friday, April 7, 2006

Gadgets Galore!

Well, I finally got a new laptop- the old one was seriously on its last leg. I'm loving this new machine. It's very powerful- and best of all, the screen doesn't constantly flicker. It will be so nice using this laptop for my exams, and for the Bar. Add that to the Ipod I also just got, and I'm now officially in the 21st century. I downloaded a bunch of my study aids to ITunes, so now I can listen to lectures at home to review for the bar. So excellent.

It looks like I will be job searching after the baby is born. I called the firm yesterday, and they were not too hot on the idea of me working part-time. It's totally what I expected. So, now I'm faced with the choice of working there 80 hours a week with a newborn, or not working there at all. Not much of a choice, really. I figure that if not this job, then something better is in store. It does put a lot of pressure on me to study on my own for the Bar. I'm putting together a study schedule, and sort of taking the reigns on it. Of course, I still have to finish this semester, and study for my classes so that I can graduate. It's an exercise in careful juggling.

Still haven't been feeling the baby move too much. I have another ultrasound in a week or two- and then after graduation, I have an appointment with my regular ob. I'm still not 100% about him- he completely lacks a bedside manner. But, I feel a little overwhelmed and don't know if I want to invest the time in switching doctors. He is competent, and I'll be delivering at a really great hospital- so part of me thinks I should just stay the course.

I have had some trouble walking around- I think the baby's foot is sticking into my lower abdomen. It's really uncomfortable, but only if I stand up. She's getting a lot bigger, so I guess space is getting crowded in there. I am a little over half-way through the pregnancy, and she still has a long way to grow! I wonder what I'll feel like when I'm taking the Bar Exam at 37 weeks. Yikes! :-)

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