Monday, March 27, 2006

A Good Weekend

Had a nice, relaxing weekend. I went to pre-natal yoga on Saturday- which was a great stress relief. It's also a very special time to be around so many other pregnant women- all in the same room, all at different stages of their pregnancy. One woman in the class was 7 weeks pregnant- another one 40 weeks!

Our weekend was pretty laid back- mostly going out to dinner and visiting with friends. We watched the documentary "Word Wars"- which is about the world championship of Scrabble. The "champions" featured in the documentary were a mixture of genius, OCD, and very eccentric, to say the least!

I have a huge list of things to accomplish over Spring Break- but today I haven't felt like doing much. The usual- laundry, dog walking, etc. has to be done, of course. I need motivation to do the rest!!!

I went to the Target in West Hollywod on Saturday to look at baby stuff. It was SO packed with people! It's hard to have an enjoyable shopping experience when the aisles are teeming with shoppers, all climbling over eachother and pulling stuff off the shelves. So, I didn't get anything baby-related.

I don't really know what to buy. I don't think we're going to get a lot of the conventional stuff, anyway- of course...we'll see. I know that we DO need to buy a carseat- but I'm thinking that we won't use a stroller. I'm going to try to do exclusively sling/baby carriers. Most of the car seats appear to be part of a stroller "system"- but a stroller is not that practical for us, since we live upstairs, and I like to be very mobile.

We're probably going to get the Arm's Reach co-sleeper/bassinet instead of a crib, at least at first- which is a very cool thing that attaches to the side of the bed, or can stand on its own. So, that means no crib to buy.

I've heard that baby changing tables are good only if you have lots of room- which we don' I think I will find an alternative place to change the baby. So, that means no changing table to buy.

We're going to try out a cloth diaper service- so no disposable diapers to buy.

And then breastfeeding cuts out the need to buy formula...

Basically, I think we need to buy:

car seat
baby toiletries (wipes, etc.)
changing pad
diaper bag
Boppy pillow and cover
baby books
receiving blankets
activity mat
Arm's Reach Co-Sleeper or Mini Co-Sleeper
Co-Sleeper sheets
baby bath sponge
breast pump and accessories
high chair
ear thermometer

I guess that's still a lot of stuff! I'm probably forgetting things, too. :-)

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