Thursday, March 23, 2006

Doctor Appointment on Tuesday

Well- I did it. I called the doctor and rescheduled my appointment for next Tuesday. I have been dreading going because- 1) I can't stand going to the doctor, and 2) I don't want him to say that anything is wrong. Part of me doesn't want him to do another ultrasound, but then part of me wants him to do it to make sure everything is okay. Arghhh! So, I'll just go!

On a happier note- today is the start of my Spring Break! I started cleaning out the breakfast nook yesterday! I also set up a "dedicated study space" in the bedroom so that I can get serious about studying for finals and the Bar. It's basically the only place in the apartment that gets any natural light during the day- so I figure that's the best place to be for hours on end of studying. I moved Mr. Mustard's computer to the living room, which is okay by him because he likes to play his video games in darkness, anyway!

I brought home all of my books from my locker at school so that I can study over the break. They were SO heavy- I probably had over 60 pounds in all. The walk to the parking garage from the law school is about 1/2 mile. I made it halfway, and then I started feeling some major pain. So, I stopped, stashed the books behind a bush and then ran to the car, came back and picked up the books. I could not carry them any futher! I think part of adjusting to pregnancy is remembering that I can't be a superhero when it comes to physical tasks. I have to be hydrated, eat a lot, and not push myself physically too hard- or else my body will let me know in a very real way that it's mad at me!

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