Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Fair Food Party and Miker

I was just thinking about friends- good friends who I don't get to see that often because of pesky geography. I like being in LA- but there are so many people, friends and family, who live outside of this bubble. I am going up to see some of my law school buddies in April- which is very exciting! Also, I'll be going out to Indiana (hopefully!) in May. And my friend Sarah may make a trip to CA in August- which could be good timing if this baby cooperates!

I miss Miker a lot- it's funny because the whole time I was in Berkeley, he was in LA- and now he's a SF denizen and here I am down south. He had an amazing Fair Food Party before he left- it was great to celebrate with him. I hope he moves back here soon- or at least I get to see more of him! He and Mr. Mustard have been close since USC- LA definitely isn't the same without him here!

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