Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Sunny Day In The Park!


Yesterday was the most gorgeous, sunny day. Ginger woke up fully recovered. It was as if the clouds had parted to reveal a vast and open, bright blue sky...both literally and figuratively! So, it seemed only fitting that we spend the afternoon at the park.


We've been having a laid back Spring Break...can you tell? Paprika still has her pajama bottoms on.


Ginger did not want to wear clothes, but did give me the okay to put her in footed pajamas. Most people would think that I just left her in her pajamas from the night before, but the truth is that she won't wear pajamas to bed, so this is actually her "getting dressed." Ha! My new motto is: hey, whatever works! ;-)


We had the whole park to ourselves. Well, when we first got to the park, there was a group of rowdy teenage boys hanging around. But then Ginger threw a massive tantrum for about three minutes when she wanted to climb down the climbing wall by herself without me spotting her. That scared those teenage boys off fast! I have to admit, I was secretly a little happy about that tantrum because I knew those boys wouldn't stick around long and then we'd have the whole park to ourselves. Thanks, Ginger!


Paprika wanted me to push her super high on the swings...I obliged. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!


And Ginger wanted to bring home half a tree as a souvenir. Paprika, being a good big sister, helped her carry it back to the van. Ah, that's what sisters are for!


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siri said...

So jealous that you had a lovely park day...do you want to send some of that sun and warm weather our way??

Tara Michaels said...

That's hilarious, my two year old has been refusing to wear clothes as well, and for some reason is only happy in footy jams as well! My is it difficult to pull the feet out and scoot the undies down fast enough when our newly trained girl says "pee mama"!