Friday, April 13, 2012

Back In The Swing Of Things!


This week school went back in session. I have to admit, I really enjoyed having Paprika home all Spring Break. I am really loving all the girls' ages right now, and there is something just so sweet about age five especially. I was a little heartbroken when Spring Break ended.

We made Spring Break last a little longer anyway- my Aunt Jackie and Uncle Rob came to visit us for the day on Monday, so I kept Paprika home from school since I knew this would be her one chance to see them before they went back to Indiana. Uncle Rob and Aunt Jackie were in San Diego and drove was SO great to see them. They are so much fun to be around, and the girls just went wild over them.

My Uncle Rob looks a lot like my dad, so Ginger kept calling him "Grandpa" (what she calls my dad) then we corrected her, and she started calling him Grandpa Uncle Rob. It was a hoot.


Rob and Jackie wanted to have a "normal day" with us (no big outings, etc.), so we hung out around the house during the morning (gave them the grand tour- haha, and played with Daisy). Then we picked up some McDonald's and had a picnic at the park for a few hours. Then I took them on a driving tour of the city (Baby Violet had fallen asleep in the van, so it was an excuse to keep driving).

Then we all went to Paprika's swim lesson. Yup, that's right- swim lessons are back! We've been on hiatus since November, but now the pool is open again. Yay! Paprika is taking private swim lessons 3x/week now, and loving it. I am hoping to get her on swim team in the Fall after she turns 6.

So, we all hung out at the pool while Paprika had her lesson. Ginger is soooo much better behaved than she was in the Fall. It's amazing what a few months' of maturity will do for a two year old. ;-)

Then we came home and played Sight Words Candyland and waited for the traffic to improve before they drove back to San Diego (where they were flying out in the morning). It was soooo great to see them, even just for the day. I kept telling them to come back and stay with us, and I hope that they do! :-)

I took lots of pictures, but right now I am snuggled up in bed with two sleeping babies (Violet and Ginger) and so I am just using the photos I've already downloaded to my computer for this post (translation: I'm being lazy). It's been a bit of a challenge for me to find the time to work on my photos- Mr. M is working a lot and I have just surrendered to taking care of babies 24/7. I find I am a lot happier just accepting the fact that my kids are my life at the moment, and then when I do have a spare moment, the last thing I want to do is deal with pictures! Haha. But I am taking a ton of photos still, they are just housed on my camera until I have a spare hour (or several) to sort and sift through them all.


On Tuesday, I joined a gym. Woah, I know! I had gone a few times (free pass) and liked it enough to sign up. They have a little childcare area that is really nice. I took the girls to try it out and they want to live there practically.

Well, actually, Paprika and Ginger think they want to live there, but both times they have gone, it has gone South at about the 45 minute mark. So, I have about 30 minutes of alone time to do a workout, then 5 minutes each way to and from the nursery/childcare area...but hey, I'll take it.

Baby Violet has been doing great in the nursery. They have a separate private nursery for babies, so she is not mixed in with the "big kids." Both times she's gone, she's been the only baby, so she basically gets held by a little old lady for an hour. The little old lady could probably be my Grandma's mother (not really, but maybe!) - and she is so sweet. She told me how much she loves Baby Violet and that she wants her to come back again and again. That made me feel good.


Baby Violet really is such a sweet baby, I can see why she wants her to come back! :-) She's a happy little girl.

The other great thing about the club is that they have a pool for kids with open swim. Paprika is soooo excited about it. The pool where Paprika takes lessons also has open swim, but they don't allow floatation devices (which is an issue for Ginger), and I have to watch three little kids on my own, which is next to impossible. So, my plan is to take Violet to the nursery for an hour while I swim with Paprika and Ginger at the club's pool. Plus, Ginger can use whatever floaties she wants, so that's going to make it so much better for her.

I am still a little apprehensive about the whole joining the health club thing but they have a two week cancellation policy, so if it doesn't work out, no biggie. I am having fun with the tiny amount of freedom it affords me, and the kids seem to really like it (at least for 45 minutes!)


We didn't end up having Easter on Wednesday, after all. Mr. M had to work that day/night...and then today Paprika found all the Easter Bunny's chocolates and goodies in a Target bag. Whoops! So, I have no idea what we'll do. We are the lamest Easter Bunnies ever. Oh well. Don't feel too sorry for these kids. They just did get a new giant trampoline in the backyard! They have it pretty good. Haha.


That's the news around here. Oh, and this weekend someone (okay, it's Daisy) turns ONE year old! Paprika wants to have a "dog party" at the top of a tree like they do in the book Go, Dog, Go! Hopefully this "dog party" will be better planned than Easter Wednesday! I can't believe Daisy is a year old already and I've survived. More on that in a later post... Happy Weekend! :-)

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Erin said...

Erika that baby of yours is the most beautiful baby!!! Oh my goodness. I can smell that sweet baby smell from my computer screen! And her smile just looks like it would light up a room. Congrats on surviving your first year with three kids! It is no small feat! I totally agree with you - age 5 is the best. I think it's my all time favorite age. And I'm hoping that my two year old will be like yours and as he gets a bit older will be a little better behavior wise. He is killing me right now!!

Beautiful photos as always. Hope you are enjoying your weekend! :)