Monday, April 16, 2012

Portraits By Paprika!


Here are a few photos Paprika (age 5) took on her camera last week.


When Paprika was three or four years old, I gave her my old Canon Powershot camera. I had looked into selling it on Ebay, and found out that all I would get for it was about $ I gave it to her instead since even a cheap kid's camera costs more than that!

I've been amazed at how much she loves having her own camera. That video of her reading the book was also taken on this little camera...she's always taking her own videos, her own photos, and just documenting her life (I guess she learns it from somewhere- haha!)

She's always saying that she wants to take pictures of the little kids so they can remember their babyhood when they're all grown up.


I always lament that there are few photos of me with the kids (I really need to set up a tripod already)...but having Paprika around, I've realized now that she can take some pretty great photos. So, at least she can take some of me with the other kiddos. Such a big helper she is!

She took this one of Ginger last week at swim lessons. Notice how Ginger loves to "horse" around. Hardee-har-har! ;-)


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1 comment:

Cristy said...

AMAZING pictures! I don't think I even take pictures that look that crisp! You've got a talent on your hands there Paprika! ; )