Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!


We had a fun day today. Mr. Mustard is working, so it was just us girls. We played inside, out in the backyard, and spent half the day at the park. I tried to take the girls to church this morning, but Ginger threw an enormous fit about wearing clothes, so by the time I got her dressed, we were an hour late. Next time I'll know to start getting her dressed at dawn. Haha.


The girls are always coming up with fun stuff to do. This is Paprika after she made her very own dress by herself. Fashionista! ;-)


And, last but not least, here is Mr. M multi-tasking. Baby Violet loves facing outward in the baby carrier. I always face her inward, but what can I say, Daddy is more adventurous! Guess I just love her staying little...facing outwards seems so grown-up! :-)


Hope you had a wonderful Easter! We're doing baskets and an egg hunt on Wednesday when Mr. M is home. Hopefully no one at Paprika's school spills the beans that Easter isn't on Wednesday! Ha!

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Mimi said...

Happy Easter to you all! In my book, Easter is a week, so Wednesday would be part of that, wouldn't it? Enjoy your egg hunt!